Residential Glass

Dan’s Glass has delivered expert residential glass installations for more than three decades. We offer safety glass as well as decorative glass solutions that are installed for a custom fit.

Commercial Glass

Through cutting edge techniques and extensive experience, Dan’s Glass is devoted to commercial glass installation perfection–perfection that you can see each time you look.

Automotive Glass

Our trained installers have the experience and reliable expertise needed to perform any auto-glass install or repair. We work on all models, new or classic.

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Welcome to Dan's Glass

We offer a wide range of glass and glass-related products for Residential, Commercial and Automotive applications.

Dan’s Glass has been in business since 1979. Our shop is very clean, comfortable, and fun to visit. We have old memorabilia displayed in our shop.

We pride ourselves in total customer satisfaction. Our office staff, vehicles and installers are professional, clean & friendly.

Dan's Glass

Commercial Window Replacement

If you own a storefront or commercial building and you have noticed signs of aging in your windows including, fogging, broken seals, cracks, chips, you will need commercial window replacement. It is important to hire a window replacement team that specializes in storefront and commercial window glass replacements. Installing glass in a storefront or commercial building can be very different to windows in a home.

Auto Glass Installation and Repair

Dan’s Glass will replace or repair your vehicle’s windshield and have you back on the road as soon as possible.  Our expert window installation service can outfit your auto with a window replacement at an affordable price. No matter what type of vehicle you own, we can achieve a tailor-made glass solution installed by certified glass specialists.

Residential Glass Replacements

If your home windows are letting outside air in, or they have chips and cracks, you may need residential window replacement. Single pane windows don’t go very far when it comes to energy efficiency, replacing them with double pane windows can help keep your home more comfortable, reduce your energy costs and make the inside of your home quieter.

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