Glass Replacement Service

Glass Replacement Service

If you have ever needed glass replacement service for your office, home or car, you may have had time to watch and observe the whole process. However, if you haven’t, you may not realize how many steps are involved in the process.

What Prep is Involved in Glass Replacement Service

Before beginning work on glass installation, all old glass will need to be removed. If the glass in your window is cracked or shattered this can make the process of removing the glass harder.

The new glass will need to be measured and cut to make sure it fits in the window snug, without leaving gaps or overlapping the window frame.

Glaziers points help hold the window in place and these will also need to be removed before the new glass can be installed. Any putty that was holding the old glass in place will need to be scraped away so that the area is clean.

The Glass Replacement Process

Once your window has been prepared for new glass, the process of installing the new glass can begin. Glass replacement services should take the following steps to make sure your glass is installed correctly

  • This process includes placing the glass in the frame, ensuring that it fits snugly.
  • Installing new glazier points to help hold the glass firmly in place, making sure that everything is straight and fitting correctly.
  • Kneading the putty to make sure it is pliable and free of lumps before placing around the piece of new glass.
  • Smoothing the putty around the glass and window frame neatly.

After Installation

Once your new glass has been installed correctly, clean up of the area will begin. Clean up will involve making sure all glass is removed and that the area is left clean without any debris lying around.

If you are looking for glass replacement service that will ensure the process is done correctly leaving the area clean and free of debris, contact the team at Dan’s Glass Inc.


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