• How to Clean a Glass Window Pane Properly

    How to Clean a Glass Window Pane Properly

    When it comes to cleaning your home or office windows, there are certain techniques you can use to decrease the chance of a streaky glass window pane. It can be frustrating to spend time cleaning only to come back later and find that your windows are still cloudy or streaky.

    Many people use the wrong products or the wrong type of cleaning cloth to clean their windows, this can result in less than pleasing results and make the job not seem worth it. The following tips can help you get the shiny windows you want.

    Tips to Get a Streak Free Glass Window Pane 

    • Homemade Glass Cleaner – You can make a great glass solution from ingredients you already have. White vinegar is great for cleaning windows and when diluted with distilled water can help to get your windows streak-free and shiny. You can also add isopropyl alcohol to your mix, which will help get rid of dirty spots and add some shine.
    • Don’t Add Soap – If you have a glass windowpane that is dirty, it is best to clean it prior to using a glass cleaner. Try water or rubbing alcohol to remove grime from your glass window pane, soap can build up and leave a residue on your glass, making it hard to clean in the future.
    • Use the Right Cloth – You may feel that clean paper towel is the best solution when it comes to cleaning a glass window pane, however this can result in lint and streaks. Use a microfiber cloth, squeegee or newspaper for streak free results.
    • Finish Up – If you still have streaks after using all the right materials use a microfiber cloth or chamois to erase the streaks from your glass. It may take a little extra elbow grease, but the results are worth it.

    If you notice damage to your glass window pane or you notice that your windows are foggy and no matter what you do you can’t get them clean, contact the team at Dan’s Glass by calling (925) 827-4173 today.

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