• New Windows Choices

    New Windows Choices

    If you are looking for new windows for your home or business, you may wonder what choices are available.  Below are the different styles of windows and some of the major brands that sell both residential and commercial windows.

    Window Style Choices for Your New Windows

    • Double Hung – These windows slide two ways for the best ventilation and can be operated from the top or bottom.
    • Bay – Bay windows usually have three pieces to them, a middle piece of glass and two side pieces. In most models, only the side windows open while the middle piece of glass is more like a picture window (below).
    • Radius – Radius windows are a great decorative choice, they have a regular style rectangular window at the bottom with an half-circle or arch at the top.
    • Picture – Fixed windows that do not open, picture windows offer a clear view outside without screens or openings.
    • Casement – Opening out like a door, casement windows are hinged at the side and are a great choice if you are looking for energy efficiency.
    • Single Hung – Single hung windows open from the bottom with a fixed top sash.
    • Horizontal Sliding – Horizontal sliding or slider windows open from the middle sliding left or right.

    The manufacturing process can have a huge impact when it comes to choosing new windows that will stand up to the elements. Here are some great window manufacturing companies you may want to consider when purchasing windows for your home or business.

    Commercial Window Manufacturers

    Residential Window Manufacturers

    If you are looking to have new windows installed in your home or commercial building the team at Dan’s Glass is here to help. Our expert glass installation team can professionally install any style of window in both residential and commercial buildings. Contact us today.

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