Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors

If you are looking for a new shower glass door or if you are looking to re-do your shower enclosure, you may want to consider a frameless shower glass door.

Clean, Open and Modern Look

Frameless shower doors give a look that is clean open and modern. They allow natural light to come into the shower stall and can open up the smallest of bathrooms. A frameless shower door can improve the space in any bathroom by opening up the room. Due to these reasons, the popularity of frameless shower doors has risen over the last decade.

Tempered Glass for a Frameless Shower Door

A frameless shower door is designed to use tempered glass that is 3/8″ to 1/2″ in thickness. The tempered glass is polished safety glass. This type of glass is used due to its strength as it is much stronger than the normal glass you would find in a framed shower door. This type of glass also reduces movement that you might find in a cheaper framed glass shower door.

Frameless shower doors are installed using hinges, screws and a vinyl sweep at the bottom of the door. Most of the time all of these pieces are invisible to the eye giving a seamless look.

Installing Frameless Shower Doors

It is important to have a professional on hand because when dealing with glass, the smallest accident can cause your door to chip or crack. In addition, if the door has not been measured properly, it will be impossible to fit it into the current space. This could be a costly mistake.

If you are looking to redesign your bathroom with a clean and open look or you already have a frameless glass shower door that needs to be replaced and installed, the team at Dan’s Glass can help.  Our professional team will size and install your shower door so that it fits and looks amazing once installed.  We have been working in the glass installation business for over 30 years, our team is highly trained and professional. Contact us today, or give us a call at (925) 827-4173, for your glass installation needs.


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