Selecting Trim for Your Doors and Windows

Selecting Trim for Your Doors and Windows

If you are looking to cover joints around your windows and doors, trim is the way to go. Trim can finish out a project making your home look put together and completed. Trim or Casings can also help add a little insulation, keeping cold air out. But how do you select window trim or door trim that is right for your home?

Select Window or Door Trim

When it comes time to select window trim the best place to start is with good, stable material. The best material for windows and doors is wood that has been kiln-dried or a precast foam. New materials are being manufactured all the time. Check out your local home improvement or decor store to find the best material for your home.

As a good rule, vertical trim elements on doors and window casings should be smaller than the baseboards, about 50 percent of the height of a baseboard is a good rule of thumb. When it comes to actually choosing the trim to install, it will depend on what kind of look you are after.

3 Different Styles of Casing or Trim

Let’s look at some of the different styles of casing you can install in your home. You should install a style that complements your home’s existing style or decor.

  • Complete or full casing surrounds all four sides of a window. This casing can be multiple layers, stacked or it can be one simple layer.
  • Low profile casing gives more of a streamlined modern look. It lays flat against the wall, helps block cold air but does not stick out as the main feature in the room.
  • For a more traditional look, you may want to look for a designer trim that stands out a little more. This might include an apron along the bottom and a header that protrudes. The trim or casings may be decorated, fluted or have a distinctive design.

Installing the Select Window Trim

If you feel like you have enough skill to install the trim yourself, you need to do some preparation work first. Start with checking your walls for buckling, dents or other gaps. You can use small wood scraps to even these out. These should be precisely cut to fit the imperfections and secured with wood glue.

The material you need to trim out your windows and doors will need to be measured precisely and cut to size. If you follow the correct process you can make sure the joints are tights and there are no gaps.

Place the trim around your windows or doors and nail it into place, starting at the top. Be sure all sides fit tightly together. Secure the pieces of trim to each other using wood glue. Nail all the pieces to the wall to make sure they are secure. Fill the nail holes with spackle, sand and smooth.

You now have beautifully installed trim around your windows and doors, giving your home a completed look.

If you are looking to install new glass windows or doors to compliment your new trim, contact the team of glass experts at Dans’ Glass at (925) 827-4173. ¬†We will be happy to speak with you about our residential glass services.

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