UV Glass for Your Car

UV Glass for Your Car

If you have ever set out on a long road trip only to forget the sunscreen, you likely discovered that not all windows in your car will protect from UV rays. This can lead to many sunburns and a higher risk of skin cancer. There are no government standards when it comes to UV protection and car windows. This causes a lot of variance when it comes to car tinted windows. For example windshields and sunroofs are likely to absorb more UV rays than your car’s side window. This is due to the fact that windshields must have laminated glass which includes a thin stretchy piece of plastic that absorbs UV rays.

This is not the case for side or rear windows and this is where you may want to think more about UV glass for your car.

UV Glass and Your Vehicle

Having UV Glass in your vehicle is important. You want to protect the skin of those that travel in your car. This becomes even more important if you travel regularly in your car. UV rays can cause major damage to your skin and the studies show that drivers in our country actually have a higher rate of skin cancer on the left side, compared to the right side. This is due to exposure while driving.

UV glass can help protect your skin. It can be like putting SPF 50+ on before heading out for a drive. This makes UV glass an important piece of your vehicle and something you should look for when purchasing a new car. Not all manufacturers produce vehicles with UV glass so it something worth exploring when you are out car shopping.

Replacing or Repairing UV Glass

You may already have UV glass in your vehicle but what happens when this glass shatters, breaks or cracks?  How can you make sure you are getting UV glass installed again?

The team at Dan’s Glass specialize in all kinds of vehicle glass, including UV glass. We can install brand new UV glass on your vehicle so that you can be assured that your skin and the skin of those traveling in your car is protected.

For over three decades we have based our business on satisfying our client’s needs and protecting our clients.

Dan’s Glass Auto Glass Specialists

If you are looking for auto glass specialists, contact the professionals at Dan’s Glass Inc today. We are a full-service glass company that can help you with all your UV glass needs.

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