Sunrooms for Your Home

Sunrooms for Your Home

Sunrooms can certainly be an asset to your home, not only may they increase the value of your home but they also increase the living space in your home, allowing you to spread out and enjoy the light-filled space.

On thing that may be tricky with a sunroom is all the glass. Whether you are installing windows and doors in a brand new sunroom or you need to replace glass in your sunroom it is a good idea to have a knowledgeable glass team on your side.

Sunrooms for Your Home

For maximum safety you should choose the right type of glass. A sunroom is exposed to the elements and sturdy glass should be a major factor. There are different types of glass windows and doors you can use for your sunroom.

  • Tempered – Tempered glass is the same kind of glass used in car windows. It is designed to not shatter into a million tiny sharp pieces on impact.
  • Triple Pane Glass – The three layers of glassed placed together with a layer of gas in between, are extremely energy efficient.
  • Double Pane Glass – If you intend on using your sunroom year round double pane glass is a good choice. The double pane has gas in the middle that helps insulate the windows.
  • Low-E Glass – This type of glass has a coating that helps light enter your space but keeps harmful ultraviolet rays out.

Sun Room Glass Replacement

If you have a crack, chip or damage to a glass window or door in your sunroom it is a good idea to have this replaced. Leaving it could endanger your family and even your home’s structure when the next big storm occurs.

The glass needs to be fitted correctly to make sure there are no gaps or leaks in the seals. It is also nice to have the new glass match with the existing unless you are looking to replace all windows.

The team at Dan’s Glass can help you with all of your window installation and replacement needs. We have been in the glass business for over three decades and can help you with all your sunroom glass needs. Contact the team at Dan’s Glass today for high-quality glass products and world class workmanship.

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