Tinting Glass for Home, Office or Vehicle

Tinting Glass for Home, Office or Vehicle

When you hear the words tinted glass, you might instantly think of auto glass. However, tinted glass may also be used in your home or your office building.

The Benefits of Tinting Glass for your Vehicle

While tinting glass can make a car look sleeker it also adds some great advantages. It is especially great if you spend a lot of time traveling in your car on sunny days. Let’s look at how tinting glass can bring some positives to your driving experience.

  • Keep Cool – Tinting your cars windows can help reduce up to 78% of heat transfer in your car.
  • Reduce Sunburn and Health Risks – Tinting the windows of your car may reduce the risk of sun damage to your skin and your eyes.
  • Protect the Interior – Tinting your windows can help stop fading, cracking and damage to the inside of your car; thereby, extending the life of the interior of your car.
  • Safety – When car glass shatters it can turn into a thousand tiny pieces that are spread everywhere. Tinted glass may help reduce some of this shattering thanks to the film placed on the window.  The film can help hold the small shards of window glass together, reducing the risk of glass flying everywhere.

Tinting Windows for your Home or Office

If your home or office is hit by the sun each day, you may understand the need for tinting. Here are two great reasons to have your residential or commercial doors and windows tinted.

  • Save Money – Tinting your home and office windows can help reduce up to 80% of the heat from the sun. In winter it will help you retain the heat in your home and in summer it will reduce the need for AC.
  • Add Privacy – Tinted windows in your home or office also give you more privacy. You can reduce the amount that people can see in. You get to see what is happening outside but everyone no longer sees everything you are doing.

Tinting Glass

When you make the decision to have glass tinted you need to make sure you choose an expert to get the job done right.  The team at Dan’s Glass have been working with home and auto glass for over three decades. We provide high-quality services along with great customer service.   If you would like to know more about tinting glass for your home, office or vehicle, contact the team at Dan’s Glass today!


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