Broken Glass? Follow These Safety Tips

Broken Glass?  Follow These Safety Tips

If you have broken glass in your house, you may wonder what to do next. No matter what the situation, whether it be a broken window, door or mirror, there are certain things you can do to reduce the risk of cuts or injuries due to the broken glass.

Beyond that, there are ways you can put that glass to good use once you have cleaned it up. Let’s start with the safety tips.

Safety Tips for Broken Glass

If you have broken glass in your home, it is important to clean it up quickly and completely.

  • Remove all children and pets from the room where the glass is.
  • Wear a nice, heavy, long sleeve shirt; this will protect your arms from glass cuts and splinters.
  • If you have large loose pieces of glass that you will need to pick up, wear heavy garden or construction gloves.
  • If there are large pieces of glass still attached to your window or mirrors, it is best not to pull them out on your own; you may need to call a glass expert.
  • Use a shop vacuum, broom, and dustpan to clean up small pieces.

Once you have cleaned up the room, be sure to vacuum the whole room thoroughly so you or your family will not discover any additional glass pieces.

Broken Glass Myths

There are lots of myths about broken glass, from 7 years of bad luck to good luck in a marriage and beyond. In Romania, it is said to be good luck if you break a plate or glass. Other cultures believe that breaking glass, especially a mirror, is bad luck.

Good or bad, when it comes to broken glass, please always think safety first and clean it up appropriately.

Recycle & Upcycle Options

If you have large pieces of broken glass, you may want to consider recycling or upcycling the glass. Disposing of the glass in your trash can is not a good idea as it may present a dangerous situation to your family and the trash collection employees. If the trash can is the only way you can dispose of the glass, wrap it in a very thick cloth and use tape to secure the cloth. These two options are a much better way to deal with your broken glass.

  • Recycling Glass

    Contact the city you live in to see if they have a glass recycling program. Often they may have a drop-off station and sometimes they may even come and pick it up for you.

  • Upcycling Glass

    Upcycling involves taking the glass pieces and turning them into something new that is either decorative or useful around your home. Sites like Pinterest have great ideas for you to take that broken glass and turn it into something beautiful.

If you have broken glass in your home that needs replacing, the team at Dan’s Glass can help. Contact our glass experts today!

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