Caring for Glass Tables and Tabletops

Caring for Glass Tables and Tabletops

Glass tables and glass table tops can be a great design feature in your home. A glass table can make a smaller dining area seem larger by allowing a clear sight line.  They can also work well with a strong pretty base to give them a decorative look.

Many people love their glass tables and glass table tops but are not sure what to do when damage occurs. Many a glass table has been thrown away when it could have easily been repaired or the glass top piece could have been replaced.

Caring for Glass Tables and Tabletops

Life happens and with use, your glass table or glass tabletop may experience damage. This damage can come in the form of chips, cracks or your tabletop may shatter and break.  When your glass table experiences damage you don’t have to throw the whole table out. Many times a small chip can be filled or a new glass table top can be created to match the existing base. You may even end up with a sturdier more pleasing glass table once it has been repaired or replaced.

Tinted Glass for Your Glass Table

If you are not a fan of the clear glass look, you can have your glass table top tinted. Not only will it be more pleasing to the eye, it can also protect your furnishings by reducing UV rays from hitting any fabric or wood under the table.

Tinting the glass on your table top can help protect your furnishings. The film used during the tinting process can also help your table from shattering all over your home if it was to break.

New Glass Table Tops

Whether you have an existing base or you have found a base that you feel would look good with a glass table top, you might be in need of a new glass table top.

Glass table tops can be created in different shapes to give you a different look and feel. You don’t need to have matching table legs to create a stunning piece of furniture for your home.

One thing to be sure of when installing a new table top is that it is tempered glass. Tempered glass will not shatter into a million pieces when broken, thus protecting your family and your home.

Residential Glass Services

If you are looking for residential glass services, the team at Dan’s Glass can help. We have been experts at glass installation and repair for over 30 years. Contact us today and talk to one of our glass experts.


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