The Future of Commercial Glass

The Future of Commercial Glass

The future of commercial glass is changing as new technology makes its way into the world of glass. Our previous article describes some of these new innovative glass products. This includes interactive glass that allows you to put those tablets and TVs away and combine these things with the glass in your commercial building, offering touch screens and interaction.

Imagine how wonderful it would be if those in your commercial building could interact with the glass throughout the building. The future of commercial glass does not stop here, and some of the new innovations will change the way your commercial building operates.

Dynamic Glass

Dynamic glass is intuitive glass. It can protect your commercial building without you having to lift a finger. This innovative glass self-tints using conductors and lithium ions. The window reflects more of the light and transmits less which then causes it to appear opaque. It changes the light by changing the tint levels on the glass and keeping the heat out of your building.

This glass does not need anybody to control it. There are no blinds, wires, or electrical devices needed to control the tinting, as it happens automatically throughout the day. It changes to different tint levels depending on how the sun is at any given moment.

This allows your commercial building to stay comfortable, controls fading of carpet and furnishings, and reduces glare, keeping those in your building comfortable without them having to make changes.

Transparent TVs

Transparent TVs can be placed just about anywhere glass can be placed. From elevators to office windows, if you can place a glass panel, you can have a TV. These TVs use a fine mesh, combining LED and OLAF screens. When the TV is off, it just looks like an average piece of glass; however, when the TV is turned on and backlighting is off, the TV looks just like any other TV.

You can have transparent TVs throughout your commercial building to help provide information and entertain both employees and clients. No more need for clunky TVs that can be easily damaged or even stolen.

The Good News About New Commercial Glass Technology

If you feel these innovative glass inventions could change the way you do business for the better, the good news is the future is here. Dynamic Glass, Smart Glass, and Transparent TVs are making their way onto the market. These products are sure to become more affordable and options will grow and morph into products that your commercial building won’t be able to do without.

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