Choosing Glass for Your Business

Choosing Glass for Your Business

When running a business, the storefront windows are crucial to the success of the business. The outside of the business is the first impression that potential customers and clients will get. Since first impressions are so vital, it is important that you choose the right type of glass. Before choosing your windows, you need to take a few things into consideration.

Energy Efficiency

Windows provide the business with light and warmth that makes the business more welcoming. If you choose the wrong windows for your business, you can end up paying much more in energy costs than you need to. If you choose energy efficient windows, your air conditioner will not need to work harder during the summer, increasing your energy bill. Considering how much much money energy efficient windows can save – they will pay for themselves over the first few years.

Sun Damage

The sun’s UV rays can cause materials to fade over time. Even with a window in place, your items are still susceptible to damage from the sun. If you have furniture, carpeting, or merchandise in the store windows, the sun will eventually cause fading. This is why it is important to go with tinted windows. It doesn’t need to be so dark that you cannot see in the windows. It just needs to be tinted enough to protect the items inside. Not all types of tint are the same; therefore, you should choose the right tint to protect everything inside from the harmful UV rays.


When it comes to security, the windows that you choose are just as important as having a security system. The first place an intruder will try to gain access to the business is through the window. If they were to break the window and it shatters, anything in the window can be quickly grabbed and stolen. Installing security windows is a great way to protect merchandise and equipment. Security glass either has an internal laminate or an external film. If someone were to break the window, it wouldn’t shatter. It would be held together by the film. You can also go with tempered glass, which gives the glass strength. It also makes cleaning up the glass easier if the window were to break.

Comfortable Environment

During certain times of the day, the sun can cause a glare in the windows that can be very distracting for both your employees and your customers. If you don’t want to cover your windows with window treatments, you should look into windows that will reflect the light and keep it outside. If your employees and customers are comfortable, your business will make more money.

Installing the right windows is very important to your business. If you aren’t sure which windows would work best for your situation, the professionals at Dan’s Glass┬ácan help. We will visit your business to see what type of windows would best suit your needs.

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