Glass Options for Home Improvements

Glass Options for Home Improvements


When you’re doing home improvement, it always helps to have access to an excellent option for replacing or upgrading glass. From innovative, stylish ideas like glass blocks to clear glass, there are countless ways you can use glass to liven up your home’s appearance. An experienced glass installer in the Bay area, Dan’s Glass will help you find the look that is just right for your home.

Glass Elements Overlooking Deck or Patio Areas

Although most homeowners with decks or patios take pride in these areas, it’s easy to overlook the windows. Because many homes in the Concord area feature dens or dining areas that open to a patio, the windows should complement both the room and the view. These rooms are often ideal settings for large picture windows that allow you to make the most of your view.

Some of the unique things you can do with picture windows in such areas include:

  • Having extra room for window art
  • Providing a wide sill area for plants or collectibles
  • Putting a window seat in

Kitchen Windows

Even if you don’t use your kitchen windows for extensive viewing, their appearance matters. Older houses with smaller kitchens might require a bit of a facelift for the best appearance, and the windows shouldn’t be forgotten about. When you’re thinking about options to use, consider choosing replacement windows that match the rest of your kitchen’s unique style.

You want to keep certain styling ideas in mind for your kitchen windows including:

  • Making sure the windows and sills don’t obstruct shelving
  • Choosing windows that look good for cafe-style curtains if you decide to use them
  • Considering bay windows that are perfect for growing herbs

Window and Glass Options for Bathrooms

Many bathrooms have windows that often require replacement, especially if they allow in drafts during the cooler weather. Other upgrades to your windows may include options that help protect privacy without using curtains. Your shower door is worth considering upgrading if your shower is older or if you just want to give everything a newer, fresher look.

Ideas that are worthy of your consideration include:

  • Putting in a window higher in the wall that blocks views from outside
  • Choosing a window style that would be easy to cover with material that mimics stained glass
  • Updating your shower door to better match the rest of your bathroom

With so many window replacement options available, you won’t have any lack of great choices. Trusting Dan’s Glass with your home improvement needs is a great way to make sure you choose options that work out for your house.

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