Glass Options for your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Glass Options for your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling rooms in your home can increase your home’s value. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home and the one room you spend the most time. This room is often where your guests end up hanging out when invited to your home. Bathroom remodeling is one of the rooms on top of the list that adds the most bang for your buck. When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider glass options.

Glass Options for your Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

If you have made the decision to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, explore these options to use glass. Using glass in your kitchen will add a sophisticated touch and enhance its appearance by making it look larger. In your bathroom, glass will modernize the look and add brightness. Consider these ideas to improve the look of your home and add to its value.

Kitchen Remodel

One idea gaining popularity in kitchen remodels is glass countertops. These countertops are more durable when using tempered glass. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than regular glass. Tabletops of glass will give your room an amazing atmosphere to share with family and friends.

Bathroom Remodel

Shower enclosures using glass add more light to your bathroom. If your shower is tiled, glass will show off the tile better. Glass shower enclosures expand how your bathroom looks by making it seem much bigger. Enclosures are offered in a variety of choices including frosted or obscure if you are uncomfortable with the shower not being private.

Mirrors are an easy and inexpensive addition to your bathroom remodeling project. Replace smaller or damaged mirrors or add more to the room to increase brightness and make it look larger. There are a variety of style options to choose from that will add both beauty and function to your bathroom.

Glass shelves are a versatile option for solving space problems in your bathroom and are available in different shapes and sizes. Glass shelves also make visibility better by being able to see what you have higher up. The glass shelf can be fitted for any space and any size, even corners. They will make use of space in your bathroom that would otherwise be wasted.

Painted back glass will give your room a clean and modern alternative to tile for both your countertops and walls. With the painted back glass, you can add color and give your room a reflective surface to make it brighter. This idea is growing in popularity for both bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.

Your Glass Solutions

Remodeling is a great way to introduce more glass into your home to give it class with a unique look. Dan’s Glass is your solution to adding or replacing glass in your remodeling projects. We also offer glass replacements for broken or damaged windows. Dan’s Glass has an excellent service record and takes pride providing 100% satisfaction to our customers.

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