Using Textured Glass in your Home

Using Textured Glass in your Home


Textured glass is available in many different colors, and may be transparent or opaque. Because of the variety of textures available, it can be used in many ways throughout the home, for a multitude of purposes, including:

  • Decoration
  • Privacy
  • Light Diffusion
  • Surface Covering

Door Glass

Use textured glass in doors to protect your privacy without fully blocking the view of someone standing outside. Additionally, textured glass is great for use in sliding glass doors and storm doors, and helps to reduce energy costs by reducing ultraviolet light penetration yet allowing the benefits of natural lighting.


Just as textured glass works well in entry doors and full-glass barrier doors, it is also a nice touch in skylights. It can be used as the primary glass, but has greater energy saving ability as a ceiling mounted lower pane. The texture breaks up direct sunlight to avoid harsh light and shadowing, and tinted glass will even add some color to sitting rooms or dens.

Tub and Shower Glass

Because it allows light to pass through but distorts visibility, textured glass is perfect for tub and shower enclosures. Shower doors can be ordered, or you can replace the existing glass. As a side benefit, using glass in shower enclosures gives the illusion of having more space, which is appealing for those with small bathing areas.

Room Dividers

Glass is a good way to divide rooms. If you have an open space between the dining area and your kitchen, using textured glass has the added benefit of trapping most of the heat from cooking into the kitchen. This helps reduce energy costs and keeps your family comfortable at the dinner table.

Table and Counter Protection

Glass that has texture on one side is a good way to protect your tables and countertops. The glass can be permanently affixed or left as a removable cover that is stain resistant and easy to clean. For this purpose, you might want to look into using tempered glass because it does not scratch as easily as regular glass and has a higher tensile strength.

Household Decoration

Smaller sections of textured glass are also a fine way to decorate rooms. Hanging a small piece inside a window can provide some colorful reflective effects that spray dashes of color across walls. Larger pieces are handy for blocking out unwanted ultraviolet rays,which helps preserve the finish on furniture as well as your carpets and upholstery.

Installing textured glass is a cost-effective way to increase energy efficiency, decrease carpet fading, and create a more illustrious home environment. Some other glass options that are appealing include the use of custom mirrors, installing double-paned windows, and using beveled glass for countertops or decorative surfaces.

At Dan’s Glass, our glass experts are knowledgeable about the variety of glass options available to residential customers. ¬†Looking to add a unique look to your space? Consider using textured glass. ¬†Contact as today to learn about different glass options for your needs.

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