Trend Alert: Cabinet Glass for your Kitchen

Trend Alert: Cabinet Glass for your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. You want it to feel inviting, relaxing, and be one of the most efficient areas of your house. Some exciting trends are hitting the market today, and one of them is cabinet glass for your kitchen cupboards.

New Trends for Your Kitchen include Cabinet Glass

Cabinet glass is one trend you should consider to give your room a bigger feel. Any negatives you could imagine with this new look impart a great stylish compromise when you compare them to the closed-in look of wood cabinets. There are other positive aspects to following the trend of cabinet glass for your kitchen.

A More Modern Look

Cabinet glass gives a kitchen a more modern look. With the inside of your cabinets open to view, you can have fun with the interiors to create an individual look. Using paints or papers, you can achieve a look that shows your tastes and personality and brings your kitchen to life.

Glass cabinets can modernize the look of older kitchens. They will give you a more open feeling to the room and allow you to show off some of those favorite dinnerware pieces or vintage glasses that have been hidden behind wooden doors.

Variety of Choices for Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets come in a variety of designs. You can create a customized look to your kitchen. Perhaps you’re worried about some of the items that may be displayed through the plain glass. You may want to achieve the look of glass cabinets with frosted panes. These frosted panes will give you a look and feel of a more open kitchen, yet shield some of the disarrays that may occur inside from time to time.

A favorite choice for older homes is the seeded glass look. There is a mixture of small and large bubbles inside the glass that makes it appear wavy. This seeded glass choice is a good one for those of you with vintage dinnerware.

Distinctive Designs

There are other, more distinctive designs which include pebbled, textured, floral, swirled, and unique glass. These designs can be matched to compliment the rest of your home’s decor. With the help and advice of a professional glass installer, such as Dan’s Glass in Concord, California, you can achieve the perfect look for your new glass cabinets.

Advantages of the Glass Cabinet for Your Kitchen

Glass cabinets add an elegant effect to your kitchen. They are not only beautiful, but they are also functional. It will make using your kitchen easier and more efficient, and glass cabinets will add value to your home should you ever consider reselling. Cleaning them is easy as you only need window cleaner or water along with a soft cloth for drying.

If you have questions on how glass cabinets can enhance your kitchen, check with the glass experts at Dan’s Glass and speak to a professional who is familiar with all types of commercial and residential glass installations.

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