Warranty on your Glass Repair – Why it Matters

Warranty on your Glass Repair – Why it Matters

When you have a service or repair completed, a guarantee gives you peace of mind that the work is being completed with confidence. You will have confidence the repair or service center performing work will stand behind and correct if problems occur. You may think all windows are the same, but there are different constructions, operations, and ratings involved in the choices of glass. These variations of glass options make having a warranty on glass repair important.

Why You Should Request a Warranty on Your Glass Repair

When you begin to consider having your windows replaced, you will have a lot of decisions to make. You may become overwhelmed and find yourself choosing which ones are popular with other customers. American brands may be your preference, which opens a whole list of choices, but one thing to make sure and look for is the warranty. You will be shown different price levels and different options on window operations, but the final decision should come down to how good the warranty is for the windows you choose. These are some reasons the warranty will make a difference.

What the Warranty Should Cover

A warranty can be the best part of your window investment, or it can be useless. Make sure you discuss with your contractor exactly what his warranty covers to ensure you understand exactly how he will stand behind his work and products.

Most windows today are tempered glass which can, in certain conditions, explode or break suddenly. This glass may not offer a lifetime warranty and one you will want to check the small print to verify. Labor for replacing the windows is not always covered by the manufacturer of the glass. Check with your contractor to see if they provide a warranty for their services. A good contractor will stand behind his work and his products and pick up where ever the manufacturer leaves off on services. There are a couple of other areas to check on your warranty to make sure you’re covered.

How Long Will Services Take?

You may find your window replacement comes with a great warranty covering labor, parts, and materials. You still need to verify what the response time for fulfilling the warranty will be. There are times when a manufacturer underestimates the number of issues with their products and the response time will not be practical for you. This long response time would make the warranty ineffective or basically worthless. A reputable contractor or manufacturer will have this answer for you.

Breakage Coverage

A new warranty coverage being offered by manufacturers includes glass breakage protection with their lifetime guarantee. Even if broken accidentally, your warranty will cover its replacement.

Dan’s Glass, with several locations in the San Francisco Bay area, are experts in glass replacement and repair. We understand manufacturer warranties and offer our own to make sure your residential or commercial installations are done correctly, and we stand behind their work. If you have questions on glass repair warranties, contact us today.

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