Making the switch from Single Pane to Double Pane Windows

Making the switch from Single Pane to Double Pane Windows

Single pane windows are common in older homes, especially those built before the 1970’s. These windows are the least efficient window for retaining heat or cool air and can add considerably to energy costs. You can diffuse the cool air drafts or block direct sunlight from entering by adding blinds, but your best solution is to upgrade to double pane windows.

Switching Your Single Pane Windows to Double Pane Windows can Save on Energy Costs

A double pane window is one of the better ways to increase your energy efficiency. These windows can also add to your home’s value. The amount of energy you can lose through poor-grade windows adds up to about 25 percent of your annual costs. Installing the double pane window can reduce this percentage along with other energy efficient window technologies.

Pros of Installing Double Pane Windows

The double pane windows not only insulate your home better to retain heat or cool air, but they also protect you against environmental noise. These windows can significantly reduce the outdoor noise pollution around your home, especially if you live in an urban area. They also help you to burn less fossil fuel, thereby not creating as much greenhouse gas emissions.

A quality double pane window contains a lot of products to give you an energy savings from 30 to 50 percent depending on the model you choose. Even if you want the wood or vinyl framed double framed windows, you’ll see a savings of up to 18 percent in hot weather and 24 percent in cooler temperatures.

When you decide to install double pane windows, you should replace all the single pane windows in the entire house. Even if you think only one window is in need of replacement, the others are still leaking even if not obviously visible. The quality of glass is essential. Poor quality can range from failed seals to improperly spaced glass which may cause condensation between the panes.

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