Replacing your Bay Window

Replacing your Bay Window

A bow or bay window adds appeal to your home and increases curb appeal. Choosing to replace your bay window is a significant investment for your home. These are some tips for you to consider if you’ve decided to replace a bay window in your house.

Tips for Replacing a Bay Window

To begin, you should know the difference between the bow and bay window. A bow window will consist of curved glass, and the bay will have square or polygonal glass sections. Bow windows will also feature four or five windows, while a bay window has typically fewer. The window seat is a standard feature with the bay window style.

Knowing When You Should Replace Your Bay Window

In the past, bay windows were blamed for causing the wood surrounding them to rot and numerous other structural problems. Some of the reasons these windows need to be replaced are their cranks are no longer functioning or moisture and the sun have warped the wood. When a bay window has become damaged in these ways, it will be more cost-effective for you to replace it rather than attempt to repair or refinish.

Ignoring the aging of your bay window could cause problems with insects or rodents gaining entry into your house. Water damage is another area that could become worse with an older window as they protrude away from the primary structure and are exposed more to natural forces.

Vinyl Bay Windows

The problem of wood rotting around a bay window is a common issue. The unique exposure of these style windows to the elements causes them to decay much faster than your other inset window panes. A safe replacement for your bay window would be to use vinyl material which you can find in any color to match your existing windows.

Replacing Double or Single Windows with a Bay Window

If you are looking to increase your curb appeal by putting a bay window in to replace a double or single one, it can be easier than you might think; however, it is not a project you would want to handle on your own. Consult with a professional glass installer, such as Dan’s Glass, about a replacement.

Can You Replace a Bay Window by Yourself?

Replacing a bay window is a challenging project that you will not want to undertake on your own. Window replacements are serious business and should be performed by trusted window installers or professional contractors. Numerous problems can occur, and the structure above the replacement area typically needs to be reinforced with steel supports. If your window is not installed correctly, you can end up with structural damage to your home or complete collapse of your window.

Dan’s Glass handles installation and repair of glass and windows in both commercial and residential locations.  Contact us today to ask any questions you may have on replacing your bay window.

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