Preparing your Windows for Colder Weather

Preparing your Windows for Colder Weather

Your windows are a major source of heat loss during the winter months. Worn weatherstripping, broken glass, and old seals all contribute to unwanted air flow through and around your windows. Not only will these problems make your home feel drafty, it will also cause your heating costs to escalate. Before the cold weather sets in, prepare your windows by following a few tried and true tips.

Inspect Window Frames

Examine the sides and sills of your windows, looking for missing pieces or deterioration. Over time, dripping or standing water can erode surfaces, allowing drafts to enter your home. If damage exists, you need a professional to repair it, because the process may involve removing and then replacing the existing window. Call Dan’s Glass to have one of our glass experts offer you a quote.

Reseal Your Windows

The caulk used around window panes changes over time, and may crack, separate from the glass, or even fall out of the window completely. Resealing windows involves removing the old caulk and then applying fresh caulk to create a new seal. The process can be performed in a single visit, and will have a considerable impact on the comfort level of your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

One of the best protections you can give your windows is to swap out single pane glass for double pane windows or other energy efficient glass. This process involves completely removing the old windows and inserting new ones. Even if you are not experiencing drafts, installing energy efficient windows can give you a tremendous savings on your winter energy costs. There are a few options available for energy efficient windows, so ask a representative to give you a breakdown on what can done, and the benefits each option provides.

Storm Shutters

Installing storm shutters provides you with protection against strong winter winds and blowing debris. There are quite a few types of storm shutters available, from simple wooden shutters to mechanical shutters that can be opened or closed at the touch of a button.

Blinds and Drapes

One winterizing method you can do yourself is to install energy efficient blinds or drapes. This will not provide much protection against broken glass or worn frames and seals, but it will offer quite a bit of additional insulation. This is especially helpful if you have single pane glass installed.

Emergency Repairs

If a window breaks during the winter, you may need to perform an emergency repair to last until a technician can make the necessary repairs. If possible, cover the exterior of the window opening with plywood, securing it with screws. If you cannot make that type of repair, covering the window with heavy plastic sheeting will provide some protection. The best option is to have the problem professionally repaired by glass experts like those at Dan’s Glass.  Our staff is available to assist you as you prepare your windows for colder weather or if you are looking to replace them altogether.  Contact us today!

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