Using Colored Glass this Holiday Season

Using Colored Glass this Holiday Season

Colored glass is a classic look that only adds to the cheerful, festive look of your home during the holidays. Even though most people think of holiday decorating in terms of greens, there are a lot of ways glass can play a major role in how you decorate this season. If your home has large picture windows, for example, and your tree is in a different room away from the windows, there is still a lot you can do.

Classic Glass Ornaments

Colored glass ornaments in festive holiday colors are versatile. In addition to being a great choice to grace your tree, you can also use any extra ornaments to decorate other parts of your home. Consider hanging some of them from plant hooks at your windows to complement other holiday decor you have in your windows.

Colorful Glass Angels

Glass angels styled as ornaments have become a popular trend all year long, and they are no less popular during the holidays. Hanging several of these ornaments around the window area gives the impression of heavenly visitors welcoming guests into your home this season. Besides having ornaments in this style, you might also want to consider having a few glass angels in a larger size that easily sit on a windowsill.

Vintage Glass Pieces

Many homeowners have carafes, vases, and other glass items that are mostly unused but have distinctive features that make them perfect for display around your home. Traditional holiday colors like red and green are perfect to put together into a nice display in your windows or on a mantle. If positioned near a light source, they’ll light up the room in a stunning display.

Vases with Greens

If space is an issue for displaying a tree, a great alternative involves filling some vases in holiday colors with fresh greens that you can display in a window, on a sideboard, or anywhere else in your home. The colorful glass helps provide a bit of extra holiday cheer regardless of how much or how little you decorate these branches. Some great additions to consider include miniature ornaments, red berries, and glittery snow.

Decorating with colored glass during the holiday season is a great way to make your home look festive for both your family and your visitors. If you’ve recently found your windows need repair or replacement, there’s no better way to help highlight your new windows than by making use of these decor options.  Dan’s Glass has been in business since 1979, and our glass experts enjoy helping their neighbors make sure their windows look great every throughout the year. 

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