Rethink your Office Space by Adding Transom Windows

Rethink your Office Space by Adding Transom Windows

Transom Windows Allow for more Light Exposure in the Office

Studies have proven that office workers who have been exposed to more light while in the workplace have a better quality of life than compared to those with less light exposure. Having more light in your office space will create more physical activity, provide you with better sleep quality, and give you and your co-workers longer sleep duration. Placing a transom window in your office space will allow you to benefit from more light exposure.

What is a Transom Window?

A transom is a horizontal structural bar or crosspiece that separates a door from a window placed above. The transom window is the window set over this crosspiece to allow additional light into a room. These window styles have been used in architectural designs since the 14th century. The idea came about to prevent prying eyes into a room while still receiving light from the outside or a glimpse of the blue sky.

Windows in the Workplace

The ideal office to work in is situated in the corner with sprawling views through large crystal clear windows. We cannot all be that lucky to have this corner office. Just because you don’t have a room in the corner doesn’t mean you have to be without light. There may not be an opportunity to benefit from natural light, but you can still increase the amount of light coming into your office with a transom window.

The transom window placed above your doorway will allow the light from outside rooms to illuminate your office better. With this type of window, you still benefit from a closed door as well as increased lighting. The transom window can be decorative or plain depending on the decor of your working space. Contact a glass expert to determine if a transom window will make a sound structural addition and have fun choosing the design.

Designs of the Transom Window

The ‘rebirth’ of the transom window has led to a large choice of designs to use that will suit your home decor as well as your office at work. There are modern leaded glass patterns, stained glass motifs, straight or curved bars, and other choices to meet almost any decor theme. Some of the more popular transom windows feature diamond patterns, while others have a simple ‘X’ or rows of squares. You can choose the shape, color, and size that will allow the most light into your office making it a healthier work environment.

Check with Dan’s Glass to see a full list of transom style windows available and whether your door structure will handle the addition of more light into your office space. Reports show you will sleep better and work more productively when your office environment has more light.

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