Glass Trends for 2018

Glass Trends for 2018

Glass trends for 2018 are turning toward a more modern and contemporary style. These trends are looking simpler in shape with clean lines, dark colors, and more glass showing. With the right looks in their windows, consumers also expect durability, functionality, and high performance. These are a few of the more popular trends you will see on the window market this year.

Squared-Off Edges with Crisp Lines

Many consumers are looking for the look of an aluminum-steel framed window resembling the storefront style. The price is important, and as a consumer, you would not want the retail price with this look. A direct-set or fixed window or perhaps casement windows that are double-hung will give you the style without the expense.

Windows that are Energy Efficient

Energy efficient windows are popular as they will decrease your energy costs. Most consumers now expect this with window purchases as no wants to lose the benefits of their air conditioners cooling their homes or the furnace heating their homes. These windows give you light, ventilation, and warmth. Windows with the Energy Star label will provide you with the best performance.

Black and White Trends

The simple look of black and white says contemporary as nothing else can. This look is one trend that lasts as many go for the black-on-black window style. This style works for both interior and exterior windows. This look can steer towards the dramatic effect or the subtle one that will create a modern farmhouse appeal for you.

Open Glass Walls

Open glass walls with lift-and-slide doors are rising in demand as the desire for easy indoor/outdoor living increases. Creating dramatic views which will increase the amount of daylight entering the home are a great benefit to homeowners. The open glass wall with bi-fold doors and operable glass wall systems forge performance with flexibility and ingenuity.


For some homes, the sliding style doors do not fit into the design. An alternative would be a pass-through window from the kitchen to the deck. Traditional kitchens look great with a pass-through window which can open up your space into the living room. This type of pass-through window will allow you to stay a part of the family or group as you prepare a meal.

Higher-End Wood

Wanting a clean appearance and modern look along with having a window that is a bit different is driving window trends to use a higher-end wood. Pine is typically used, but the higher-end wood frames like mahogany or white oak will give you a more subtle grain and the look and feel of a fine furniture finish to your decor.

Dan’s Glass is a full-service glass company. We can help find the right look for your home with the right window for a great look and at the best price. Window trends in 2018 will have consumers seeking out windows that offer beauty throughout their home.

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