What are Thermal Performance Windows?

What are Thermal Performance Windows?

Thermal performance is a way to rate the energy efficiency of your home or office. It includes checking for air flow around doors and windows, looking for cracked glass or missing trim, and much more. Installing energy efficient glass is a popular option to increase the building’s thermal performance.

Thermal Performance Window Design

Windows that are designed for thermal performance are typically dual-pane windows. The frame is built with low-conductive materials which create the space between the panes. In turn, the gap between panes is filled with a gas, usually argon, which is chosen for its low thermal conduction. Thermal performance windows do more than help you regulate heat flow in your home. They will also provide a noticeable amount of sound absorption and offer increased resistance to heavy wind loads.

Components of Thermal Performance Windows

The concept behind thermal performance windows is to create an effective barrier for all types of air flow: conduction, convection, and radiation. The specially designed aluminum frame construction is the first step, followed by double panes of thermal rated glass. The type of glass and glazing methods also play a vital role in reducing passive heat. High performance window glass is also designed to filter UV light, a leading cause of fading in carpets and furniture. Finally, homes with thermal performance windows installed can reduce energy bills by 25 percent or more.

External Factors for Thermal Performance

Even the best windows need a little help regulating the temperature in your home. Blinds, drapes, and shutters are all excellent method for reducing direct sunlight and airflow. To keep your home more comfortable all the time, automated blinds can adjust to the time of day, while providing balanced lighting throughout the day. Resealing around your windows can have a profound impact on reducing air flow.

Cost-Friendly Home Improvements

Installing thermal performance windows entails spending a little more, but the payback is in your utility savings and never stops showing a return. Even minor repairs like weatherstripping doors and windows can have an impressive influence on the ambient temperature of a room. The first step is to have a glass expert come out and inspect your home. After that, work with the expert to determine the best solution for your home and budget.

Thermal performance means higher efficiency and fewer drafts. Whether your home needs double-pane windows or weatherstripping around the edges, the changes will have an immediate impact on your energy costs.  Dan’s Glass has been in business over 35 years and are experts when it comes to helping customer choose the best window solution for their home and budget.  Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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