Incorporating Glass Doors into your Home Renovation Plans

Incorporating Glass Doors into your Home Renovation Plans

Renovating your home with the use of glass doors has become more affordable over time. At one point, having glass doors in your home was for the aristocrats and wealthy. This is no longer the case as manufacturing techniques have now made these doors not only affordable but available in a variety of designs. Here’s a look at how creative you can be by incorporating glass doors into your home’s renovation plans.

Arched Interior Doors

A French door with an arched design will create an elegant entrance into any room of your house. Using a glass door with this structure allows light to flow through the rooms with a hint of privacy. Graceful curves on the arch with simple trim will add a classic look to the character of your home.

Asian Sliding Doors

Other light sharing doors you can choose to lighten up your interior space is the Asian sliding door. This door will create an elegant touch to your interior design. Manufacturers have given these doors a whole new, clean and modern look from the original translucent paper design. You can now create an Asian influence with increased lighting in your home with glass shoji screens or doors.

Pocket Door with Glass Panes

The pocket door design is a convenient way to close off an area or open one. These doors are mounted on an overhead track which tucks out of sight into your wall. These doors can create an open, airy look when used to separate a sun-room from your dining area.

Metal and Glass in a Wooden Door

Adding a wooden door with a metal and glass insert will allow more light to stream between interior rooms of your home. Adding metal to the glass will give your decor a stylish touch, yet still, provide privacy. These are great doors to add between a master bedroom and bath.

Frosted Glass Doors

The see-through quality of frosted glass doors is an excellent addition to your pantry. These doors will give a sense of drama to your kitchen and still serve a practical use. Making these a sliding door style will let you remove items from the pantry as needed yet not stop the flow of traffic through the kitchen.

Custom Designed Industrial Glass Door

Glass doors can be custom designed to meet the decor of your home. Dan’s Glass is a full-service glass company and can help you make the best choice for your renovation project. Having a custom designed steel and glass door will give your home a contemporary look. These custom doors can be placed on a barn-style tracking and with a frosted-look to the glass, giving you a door that allows light but blocks the view into adjoining room.

The choices are endless when deciding to add glass doors to your renovation ideas. You will be able to create open, lighted areas to your home while adding character to the decor. Contact the glass experts at Dan’s Glass today to set up a consultation for ideas on how to incorporate glass doors into your home renovation plans.

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