Bathroom Remodel: Replacing your Glass Shower Doors

Bathroom Remodel: Replacing your Glass Shower Doors

Congratulations on your decision to remodel your bathroom. From the sink design to tile color to shower size, you are ready for a change. As you begin to design your dream bathroom, remember to consider replacing or introducing glass shower doors. Incorporating glass into a bathroom opens up the space, making it feel brighter and welcoming. Glass shower doors are also stylish and can increase the value of your home.

Determine a floorplan

Glass shower doors or tub enclosures are versatile and can be incorporated into most bathroom remodels.  Start by considering where the glass doors could be fitted and how that impacts your floorplan.  There are a vast number of glass shower door styles, allowing you to find the glass shower door that is right for your remodel.

Choose a door configuration

Decide what enclosure layout and kind of glass door would work best in your space.  Glass shower doors can be hinged or slide. For hinged doors, the door itself can be in the center, corner, or even part of a hexagonal enclosure. You can even incorporate a glass vent above the door into your configuration. The best door style generally depends on the space available and configuration of the shower enclosure within the bathroom.  Smaller showers or corner spaces often work best with a hinged door, whereas a wider shower more easily incorporates sliding doors.

Select a Shower glass style

After you determine the enclosure layout and door type, you can select the style of glass. The two major categories to choose from are clear or opaque glass for your bathroom remodel. Clear glass can create a more spacious feeling; however, you may prefer the privacy of opaque doors.  Styles that offer additional privacy include tinted, frosted, or textured glass. Each of these styles has a such a vast amount of variations that you are sure to find one that fits your new bathroom.

Deciding on glass shower doors for your bathroom remodel is a great choice. Regardless of what type you choose, you can rest assured that a glass shower door will be made of strong, secure safety glass. Tempered safety glass breaks into small chips instead of the shards that you may be accustomed to, helping to prevent any glass related injuries. With the vast number of configurations and glass types, your new glass shower doors will be the centerpiece of your bathroom remodel.

Dan’s Glass is an expert in the glass business, having been in business and serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1979.  Not sure which glass door type is best for your shower remodel?  Call our glass experts today, and let us help you make the best choice for your home.

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