Add Light to your Business: Install a Picture Window

Add Light to your Business: Install a Picture Window

Presenting an open and friendly atmosphere is important for businesses of any size. The strategic use of glass will make any room seem larger, and adding picture windows for your business has the added advantage of allowing you to promote browsing. Dan’s Glass has been serving Concord and surrounding areas since 1979, and we would like to put our experience to work for you.

Home Office Renovations

Even a home office can benefit from a window upgrade. Visiting clients will appreciate the view from a spacious bay window, for example, or install a shelved picture window to display products or samples. Even if the time in your home office is strictly computer time, a large sunny view outside can help you focus better and feel more energetic.

Storefront Windows

When it comes to commercial operations, large picture windows can drive traffic and increase sales. Not only are commercial windows great for allowing light into the area, they are also perfect for product and service displays. Even better, today’s commercial glass is available in different tints, along with options such as safety glass. If your business is more of an office setting, allowing more natural light into the room can improve productivity and overall company morale.

Transom Windows

Another way to bring more natural light into the room is through the use of transom windows. A transom is a horizontal bar above a door, an area which is often walled off but could as easily be filled with a transom window. This type of window has the advantage of allowing natural light to enter the room without introducing distractions between interior and exterior activities.

Glass Doors

Using glass doors introduces a new level of safety in navigating hallways or entering a building. Additionally, having a glass door at the entrance of your building provides better security, allowing law enforcement and security companies more visibility when patrolling. Inside, glass doors create an illusion of openness, merging different rooms together with fewer stark boundaries.

Interior Lighting with Skylights

Adding skylights can simplify the process of getting natural light to the interior of a building. Skylights serve the dual purpose of allowing ambient light inside and creating an illusion of additional space. Skylights can be especially helpful in small rooms with no exterior windows.

Fast, professional service is imperative for companies trying to get their windows upgraded. At Dan’s Glass, we understand that you have your own business to run, and will do our best to provide courteous service in a fast and unobtrusive manner. In many cases, window installations can be completed in a single day, reducing the amount of impact our work has on your company. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our glass experts!

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