Chipped Window? What to Look for in a Glass Professional

Chipped Window?  What to Look for in a Glass Professional

There are plenty of companies out there who advertise window and glass repair, but which one is right for the job? The decision is easier to make than you may realize. From courtesy to clean up, we have put together some of the most important traits to look for in a glass professional.


Chipped glass may not have to be replaced. A qualified glass professional can assess the situation and tell you whether or not your window can be repaired. There are limits to what a glass repair will work on, and dealing with an experienced professional like the glass experts at Dan’s Glass will help you get the best solution at the most agreeable price.


At Dan’s Glass, we look at cleanliness as part of being a professional glass service. That means showing up at a customer job site wearing a clean uniform, but it also means not tracking mud through your company hallways and making sure that all of the debris has been removed before we consider the job a done deal.

Professional Attitude

A professional, courteous attitude can make or break the customer relationship. We will strive to give you most professional attitudes in the business. A real glass professional never forgets that the customer is the source of their livelihood, and behaves accordingly. We believe that your entire experience should revolve around being well-informed and polite, customer-oriented treatment.


When a glass professional shows up at your location to repair or replace chipped glass, you are entitled to expect an experienced technician who knows how to get the job and is ready to put that experience to work. Any time the company representative seems unsure about the process or seems to have something on their mind besides getting the job done, you should probably consider calling Dan’s Glass to get a real company on the job.

Getting top quality work performed is your first concern, but having it done in a courteous and professional manner matters as well. No one wants a contractor to leave a mess all over their office or talk rudely to your company staff. At Dan’s Glass, we guarantee you that our employees will interact professionally, and clean up any mess we make after the job is done. Our goal is to be your only source for glass repair and replacement, and we know that performing above and beyond is the best way to make that happen. Contact us today!

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