• Classic Car Makeover: Replacing the Glass in your Automobile

    Classic Car Makeover: Replacing the Glass in your Automobile

    Keeping a classic car looking sharp takes time and effort. One of the things which may become necessary is to replace the older glass in your automobile. This could be related to scratches, chips, or simply glass that becomes foggy or otherwise obscures vision. Dan’s Glass is able to provide new glass for most cars, including vehicles that are no longer in production such as antiques and classic automobiles.

    Bona Fide Replacement Glass

    Replacing the glass in your classic car may seem like a difficult prospect, but dedicated glass companies like ours can save the day. Dan’s Glass stocks most auto windshields and other glass, and we have industry contacts to help us find the pieces which are no longer kept in stock. While the original manufacturer glass may no longer be available or even meet highway safety specifications, we can locate and install glass which matches or exceeds the original specifications.

    Hard to Find Glass

    Replacing cracked or broken windshield glass is not all that difficult, but some glass, including read-window glass and those triangular vent windows which are no longer used, can be a little trickier. For hard-to-find auto glass, you need a company like ours which can tap into an established supply chain and find or manufacture even the rarest of windows.

    Auto Glass Best Practices

    Your auto glass replacement needs to be performed in a professional manner. That means fast courteous service, but it also means using industry-approved sealants and adhesives to make sure that you get a perfect seal and a dependable finished product.

    Use a Recognized Glass Professional

    We have been installing auto glass since 1979, building a reputation for providing the right glass in a timely and professional manner. When only the best will do, you need a company that has stood up to the test of time. We can replace your auto glass at our location or yours, and most automobile windshields can be replaced in about an hour. Other auto glass may take a little longer, but we will perform the fastest replacement possible for your particular vehicle.

    When you visit our showroom, our love for glass will be immediately apparent from the memorabilia we have collected over the years. Dan’s Glass is Concord, California’s premier glass installer, whether you need auto glass, residential glass, or glass for your business or storefront. To learn more about our services or to schedule a repair, please contact us today.

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