Glass Fire Pit Installation

Glass Fire Pit Installation


Dan’s Glass recently had the opportunity to help a client connect to nature by incorporating a glass railing and glass-enclosed fireplace into their patio design. Overlooking a lake, the house sits just beyond the banks and stretches to the water with a cozy, spacious patio. The property sits in the wooded hills by the Bay Area in a quiet neighborhood known for its lakes and views. The owner wanted to create a space that would immerse their family and guests in the beautiful landscape and give them the feeling that they are far from the bustling Bay Area below, and we were glad to help them with this custom residential glass solution.



Connecting you to nature with glass

The design plays with the enclosed area, incorporating both traditional walls that create the sense of a very private space as well as glass railings that focus everyone’s attention to the lake. This transition is guided by warm lighting from colonial style lanterns that flank the glass railing. At the center of the patio is a large gas fireplace, which is surrounded by glass on three sides, allowing for unobstructed views of the lake, while reducing interference from the wind coming off the water. The patio is floored with beautiful flagstone with a brick trim that also brings the feeling of the outdoors and relaxation into the space. And for the five people that can fit comfortably around the fireplace, the space comes together with the sense of the fire dancing on the lake as you look over the flames to the surrounding landscape.



Using glass in design throughout your home

The patio is one of many examples of how glass can elevate the design of your home, increasing both the enjoyment and value of a space. For example, another popular area in residential projects is to add glass enclosures to a bathroom. This can open up the space, making it feel brighter and welcoming. Glass shower doors are in demand, stylish, and can also increase the value of your home. The two major categories to choose from are clear or opaque glass for your bathroom remodel. Each of these styles has a such a vast amount of variations that you are sure to find one that fits your new bathroom.


Fast, quality, professional service is important for your residential project. Since 1979, Dan’s Glass has built a strong reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We help you find the glass solution that works for your home and budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our glass experts!

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