Glass Gifts for the Holidays

Glass Gifts for the Holidays

No matter what you are looking for in the way of glass for the home or office, Dan’s Glass is here to help. We have built a reputation for meticulous craftsmanship, quality installation, and fast friendly service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As the holiday season rolls around, we would like to offer some ideas for glass gifts that will make this year a season to remember.

The Gift of Light

Transom windows and skylights allow more light to enter a room. By gifting glass of this type, you not only brighten someone’s days, you also reduce their lighting costs. A professional glass company such as Dan’s Glass can handle installation at one address while billing the job to another location. You might think that this type of gift is a little out of the ordinary, but it is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Tabletops and Protective Covers

Dining tables and coffee tables are an excellent place for glass tops. Other options include tempered glass cutting boards, countertop protective glass, and decorative glass for every room of the house. Whether you install glass to increase lighting or simply add a touch of elegance, Dan’s Glass has a variety of glass sizes and tints to fit the decor of any home.

Custom Shelves and Cabinets

Curio shelves and collector’s cases are traditionally made of glass so that the contents can be admired from many angles. Dan’s Glass can help you come up with the perfect design, or tailor glass shelves and fronts to match your personal requirements. Glass shelves and cabinets range from inexpensive simple shelving for the walls to extravagant cabinets and cases of every imaginable size and shape.

DIY Glass Projects

You can use custom cut glass for all of your do-it-yourself building projects. Not only will you have the satisfaction of a job well done, you will be giving a gift that you made yourself as an added bonus. We can cut glass to match your specifications, including beveled edges, tinting, and more. You bring us your ideas, and we’ll help help you turn them into reality.

Reflections of Reality

Mirrors are popular for a number of reasons. They make small spaces seem larger, can redirect light into places which would otherwise lack illumination, and they exude endless amounts of decorative style. We can even produce mirrors with tinted glass for a unique look.

Dan’s Glass is a leader of automobile, custom, commercial, and residential glass. We have been serving the Bay Area since 1979, building our brand as a leader in glass for any application. We guarantee your satisfaction from consultation to installation. Contact us today!

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