Holiday Window Displays at your Commercial Business

Holiday Window Displays at your Commercial Business

Your holiday window display is a low-cost way to market anything you have to offer. Before you apply the tempura or window chalk, Dan’s Glass recommends cleaning the surface thoroughly and replacing cracked or broken glass to improve the removal process later. For easier removal, try applying a coat of Rain-X or even auto wax which prevents substances from binding to minor blemishes and promotes easy cleanup.

Windows on the World

Storefront windows are your best advertisements. Even before your holiday display installed, storefront glass gives consumers a glimpse of what you have available. It also provides an air of openness and projects a safer, more secure environment. Whether you are in the retail market or offer accounting services,passers-by who can see what’s going on inside are more likely to step in for a visit.

Grab Their Attention

Use different fonts, bright colors, and cheerful slogans. The more appealing your window display is, the better it will attract the attention of potential customers. Your product displays make an excellent backdrop, but well-designed window art will make them stop and take notice.

Plan Ahead

You do not have to be a graphics artist, but creating a layout of your intended holiday display will improve the finished design. The products should be clearly visible behind the seasonal art, for example, and strive for a balance between showing off your wares and creating an enticing display. If customers cannot see your products for the large lettering on the glass, it is too easy for them to move past the store entrance. Planning ahead helps you convey your holiday enthusiasm while attracting consumers with your company wares.

A Mix of Products

Avoid putting too much emphasis on seasonal items. A scarf embroidered with reindeer is an exciting garment for a month or two, but a fleecy coat is good for Fall,Winter, and Spring. Use empty holiday gift boxes adorned with general purpose products to combine holiday enthusiasm with year-round practicality, and throw in some specialty items to exhibit your variety.

Appeal to Children

Parents and guardians are heavily influenced by the kids who accompany them. The best holiday window displays include artwork which appeals to children,or special incentives to get their attention. Making Santa or some reindeer part of your holiday window display excites children, and a backdrop of retail items which appeals to children is an excellent way to get grandma or dad inside the store.

Dan’s Glass can install display windows to give your shop more exposure. We are based in Concord and have served the Bay Area for more than 30 years. We repair chips and replace glass of all types, enhancing your holiday displays with crystal-clear views that offer an open, inviting environment for everyone.  Contact us today for all of your commercial glass needs.

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