Glass Company – Qualities to Consider

Glass Company – Qualities to Consider

If you haven’t had to undertake a residential or commercial glass project, such as replacing windows in your home, or installing glass doors or cabinets in your office, you may not have had to consider what to look for in a glass company before. As with other construction or renovation projects, the process can feel daunting and the idea of finding the right professional for the job overwhelming. The good news is that finding a glass company for your current project, and ideally any glass work to come, is simple.

Look for skilled, professional teams

Just as not all glass projects are alike, not all glass companies are the same either. There is a range of glass work out there, from window repair to shower and bath enclosure installation to auto glass to large custom glass storefronts. Glass work in some ways is only limited to the customer’s imagination and the skill of the professional team. It is important to look for a glass company that has experience in your type of project and can provide examples of previous finished products. It is also important to consider the glass company’s skill in the operational side of a project. After all, unless it is a very small project, they will not simply be installing a pane of glass – they will be running a job site that must meet safety requirements and other regulations, and some projects may require assistance with insurance claims if you are replacing damaged glass that is covered in your policy. A company that can provide a smooth and professional operation can only improve the quality of the glass they repair or install.

Look for a core of customer service

Along the same line as managing the project operations well, a glass company should also prioritize excellent customer service. The site of the glass project is often a person’s home or place of work, and a team’s ability to share that space in a way that minimizes disruption to day-to-day activities while communicating effectively about progress or challenges (both onsite and off) is essential to the project’s overall success. Another sign of good customer service can be a warranty on the work. This indicates that not only does the company have confidence in its service and product, but that they value their relationship with their customers. And the simplest measure of a glass company that prioritizes customer service – and a measure that is hard won – is a solid reputation in the community, and in their field of work.

Bonus: Unique, well-executed custom work

While this characteristic of a glass company may not be at all necessary for your upcoming project of replacing the windows, it could be a solid differentiator to consider. Homes, offices, and cars will require glass work more than once in their lifetime, so your relationship with a glass company has the potential to be an ongoing one. And if you’ve found a glass company that gives you consistent, quality work for your more routine glass projects and could also work with you on a dream project like an outdoor glass-enclosed fire pit, you’ve found a keeper.

If you are looking for a local glass company that checks all the boxes listed above, contact us today. With thirty years of experience in residential and commercial glass in Concord, CA, Dan’s Glass is known for its expert work, quality materials, and satisfied customers. No matter if your glass project is big or small, we can help you get the job done.

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