Window Replacement vs Window Repair

Window Replacement vs Window Repair

The process of replacing the windows on your home can be costly, so you may be wondering if it is possible to put off and having your windows repaired instead. In many situations, this can be a money-saving option, however there are times when it is necessary to invest in residential window replacement. Here are a few common scenarios that give rise to the question: is it time to replace my windows? 

Damaged window frames 

For the most part, rotted or compromised window frames can be repaired if they can be caught before the damage gets too far. When you remove the window to assess any damage or decay and you see rot hasn’t deeply or pervasively penetrated the wood, it is possible to have it repaired. When is time to replace? You will need to replace the window if a water-logged frame has created condensation between the panes of insulated glass. In this instance, you will likely need to replace the sash or the entire window, however the warranty on the window may cover the cost. 

Old house with old windows 

The character and charm of the original windows of an older home is hard to match. For that reason, you may wish to avoid replacing them. Old windows, however, come with several issues, primarily their tendency for lower insulation performance and higher energy costs, and this problem can require some elbow grease to repair and improve. If you are up to the task, you can get closer to energy efficiency with some strategically applied caulk and weather stripping. It’s important to note that these materials should only be applied above certain temperatures, 45° F and 20° F, respectively, and ideally when humidity is low. Storm windows can also help with poor insulation in the winter months and are still less costly than window replacement. 

When is it time to replace? If you suspect your old windows contain lead paint it may be best to remove and replace them. Homes built before 1960 often have lead paint, and the replacement process should be handled by a contractor trained in lead-safe work practices. Additionally, you may simply opt to replace your windows if you want to maximize your home’s energy efficiency by trading in those old single-panes for double- or triple-pane glass and start tallying your utility savings.  

Stuck-shut windows 

One of the main functions of windows is to open and allow the free flow of outside air. When your windows no longer achieve this aim, there are only a few repair options. If the window is stuck due to a jammed sash, contacting a professional is your best bet for repair. If your window is painted shut, a sash saw can cut through the paint and free the window. When is it time to replace? If the above options don’t work, or if the paint that has sealed your windows shut contains lead, the next step is to explore window replacements.   

Miscellaneous damage 

Smaller issues like cracked glass, split muntins, missing or rotting exterior window shields, and broken exterior casings are ripe for repair. When is it time to replace? In the unfortunate scenario where your window is afflicted with three of more of these problems the simplest remedy is to look into window replacement. 

Replacement options 

If you’ve determined it’s time to invest in window replacement, the good news is there are many materials to choose from, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass, as well as single- and double-hung windows, and casement and sliding windows. There are also window replacement and repair services available for your home or business that can help, contact Dan’s Glass in Concord to begin the process. 

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