Residential Glass Repair – An Expert Choice

Residential Glass Repair – An Expert Choice

How to save money by hiring a residential glass expert

For many handy and frugal homeowners, the approach to home repairs and maintenance is often do-it-yourself, but there a few projects that benefit from the help of professionals. Though more expensive repair projects, such as with residential glass, may tempt homeowners to take the DIY approach to reduce costs, relying on the expertise and skill of a commercial glass professional will likely save you money in both the short and long term.

Savings in safety

One fundamental reason to partner with a professional for your residential glass repairs is for safety. Installing replacement windows and doors or repairing seals should be done accurately and skillfully as handling residential glass can be hazardous. Though most residential glass is a type of safety glass which fractures into many small pieces when broken, an expert handling your repair or installation can further minimize the risk of injuries during the repair process and down the road if improperly installed glass from a DIY installation fails during normal, regular use. Additionally, windows in older homes may have lead paint on their frames, which should be removed and disposed of by a professional with the proper certification in handling the hazardous material. Moreover, while avoiding injury in household projects is an important goal in itself, it can also save money by preventing costly visits to the ER, the need for replacement materials, or increased home insurance premiums.  

Savings from professional installations

There are several crucial elements to proper residential glass repair, such as expertise in the right glass product for the job and its manufacturer guidelines and skill in airtight installation. While some homeowners may have the know-how, working with a professional for residential windows replacement guarantees the necessary skill set will be put to use on the project, and the unnecessary costs of improper installation can be avoided. Procuring the right materials and parts for your residential glass needs and following manufacturer guidelines ensures residential glass holds up to wear and tear, lasts as long as is designed, and maintains eligibility for warranties. Further, residential glass repair requires skill in replacing and sealing windows and doors for optimal performance and efficient energy use. The experts say that homes with gaps and cracks or with windows that aren’t sealed correctly lose the amount of energy equivalent to leaving a window wide open all year round.

Who to call for residential glass services

All these savings start to add up when you work with a professional residential glass services provider. If you are looking for a partner in your next home repair project, contact the team at Dan’s Glass today.

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