Window Glass Replacements Can Save Money

Window Glass Replacements Can Save Money

Summer is a great time to explore your various home renovation projects, as well as a good time to start thinking about weatherizing your home for the coming colder seasons. While winter is still a few months away, you can begin reaping the benefits of a residential windows replacement project today. With new window replacements, you can save money on energy costs and earn tax credits for your energy-efficient upgrade. 

Two money-saving benefits to window glass replacement

1. Energy Savings

Older windows can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to energy usage and costs. Single pane windows and cracked or leaky windows can cost you a bundle as your HVAC system works overtime to cool or heat the indoor air that keeps escaping out your inefficient windows. Once you have replaced the old with the new, however, you will be able to start tallying your savings. According to Energy Star, the industry leader in energy efficiency standards, window replacements can save homeowners $126 to $465 in energy costs a year, or $26 to $111 a year if you already have but need to replace double-pane residential glass windows. On top of those energy savings, you can count on the new windows increasing the overall value of your home and making your family feel more comfortable when they are indoors. 

2. Tax Credits

In addition to reducing energy costs, some homeowners might also qualify for federal tax credits for their window glass replacement. If your new windows are Energy Star certified and they are installed in your primary residence, you can claim 10 percent of the cost of each window (excluding installation costs), up to $200 for each and with a total possible tax credit of $500 for the replacement project. Additionally, depending on the incentives offered by local utility companies, homeowners may qualify for refunds on a municipal level for increasing their home’s energy efficiency. 

Why wait? Contact the glass experts today.

Between the potential energy savings and available tax credits for updating your home’s windows, window glass replacement might be the summer home renovation project with the best and fastest return on your investment. And when you add the value of enjoying consistently comfortable temperatures in your home, there is a lot to gain from window replacement. If you are interested in learning more about the options for your home, contact Dan’s Glass today. 

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