Home Glass Repair: Do It Yourself

Home Glass Repair: Do It Yourself

Whether you have a scratch on your kitchen window or need to repair a broken pane of glass in your front door, there are several do-it-yourself tricks to fixing your glass before you need to consider residential windows replacement with a professional. Read on to learn how to handle these common glass repair projects. 

Glass scratches

There are two DIY approaches to repairing this type of glass damage, with the first method being better for more shallow and superficial scratches.

Method One

  • Materials: clear nail polish, soft cloth, glass cleaner
  • Step 1: Use the glass cleaner and soft cloth to clean and dry the glass. 
  • Step 2: Brush the clear nail polish over the scratch and leave to dry. This should remedy the scratch. 

Method Two

  • Materials: soft cloth, toothpaste, baking soda, water
  • Step 1: create a mildly abrasive paste with the toothpaste, baking soda, and water and apply it to a dampened soft cloth.
  • Step 2: Apply the paste to the scratch in a circular motion, gently buffing the glass surface with the damp cloth.
  • Step 3: Wash the paste from the glass and dry with a soft cloth. If the scratch is still present, repeat the process. 

Broken Glass Replacement

If you need to remove and replace a whole pane of glass, here are the basic steps of that process. Remember to be cautious and use protective gear when handling glass to prevent injuries. 

  • Materials: work gloves, protective eyewear, putty knife, putty, glazier points, new glass pane
  • Step 1: Carefully remove the old broken glass and old putty from the window frame. Use your putty knife to be sure all residual putty and glazier points (small metal triangles stuck into the frame) are gone. 
  • Step 2: Apply a fresh layer of putty to the inside of the frame and place the new pane of glass on top, pressing gently but firmly. 
  • Step 3: Use the putty knife to insert the glazier points into the wood at four-inch intervals around the frame. You can reuse the old glazier points if they are in good condition, or you can use new ones.  
  • Step 4: Apply ¼ inch strips of putty where the glass meets the frame and smooth the putty with the putty knife, creating an angled surface and covering all glazier points. 

When DIY doesn’t work

If these tips won’t do the trick, consider reaching out to a professional for your residential glass repair. Dan’s Glass offers a variety of glass services, including residential, commercial, and auto glass. Their teams of glass professionals can work with you to find the right glass solution for your needs and budget. If you are in need of glass repair or have questions about your residential glass project, contact Dan’s Glass today.

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