3 Reasons to Consider Commercial Window Replacement

3 Reasons to Consider Commercial Window Replacement

No matter if your commercial building was constructed decades ago or it was built more recently, many businesses can still benefit from commercial window replacement. The advances in glass technologies speed ahead every day, and with it come commercial window options that boast superior energy efficiency, greater occupant comfort, and modern and appealing styles. Read on to learn what commercial glass replacement can do for your business and building. 

Superior energy efficiency

For commercial building owners, energy efficiency is key. This is not just because touting a building’s various green certifications is an increasingly popular selling point with tenants and customers, but also because it lowers those hefty facility management expenses. And when it comes to windows, they can either dramatically undermine your building’s energy efficiency or be a part of a system of solutions. Old, improperly installed, or leaky windows let unintended external air into the building, increasing the load on your HVAC system as it tries to meet its programmed temperature setpoints. On the other hand, new, well-sealed, quality glass lets plenty of natural light into the building and maintains internal temperatures, reducing occupants’ reliance on electric lighting and HVAC energy waste. That amounts to a lot of energy cost savings. 

Greater occupant comfort

If your windows give off freezing temperatures in the winter and radiate scorching heat during the summer, or they are stuck closed keeping out any welcome cool breezes, it might be time to consider the comfort of your building occupants and pursue new commercial glass installation. With today’s commercial windows, you have a lot of advanced options that can fit your unique needs. There are double and triple-pane options that are insulated against the cold, windows treated with Low-E coating that minimizes heat transfer, and venting or casement windows that can crank open but still close with a secure seal. Windows may seem like an inconsequential aspect of your building occupants’ experience, but you’d be surprised how much windows actually matter. 

Modern and appealing styles

New commercial glass can transform the look of your business. Whether it’s an expansive floor to ceiling storefront glass, modern details like transom windows above your glass doors, or utilizing glass for room dividers instead of interior walls – quality commercial glass will update the look of your building and let natural light in throughout the space. A bright, open-feeling interior elevates your curb appeal and beckons people inside. 

Contact the experts to explore your options

If you are interested in all the benefits that commercial window replacement has to offer your building and business, contact Dan’s at (925) 827-4173 to learn about the options that are right for your needs. 

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