How to Clean a Glass Window Pane Properly

How to Clean a Glass Window Pane Properly

Windows are a vital part of your home. Whether enjoying privacy glass to see that sunlight through the front door or opening the upstairs casements to let in that refreshing breeze — all residential glass windows share one thing in common. Windows get dirty. Unfortunately, you can’t upgrade your windows to be free of dust and debris. 

But you can make life easier by using the right materials and cleaning products to clean your windows. In addition to improving your view and increasing the reach of that vitamin D packed sunshine, clean windows can also help extend the life of your windows and identify any issues that may cause water leaks. Increase the value of your residential window replacement with these great cleaning tips.

Streak-Free Window Glass without the Hassle

  • Create your own cleaner. We’ve all been there. Cleaning glass isn’t easy, and all the commercial products you try still seem to leave streaks. Instead, try making a cleaner of your own with simple products you probably have lying around the house. Grab some white vinegar, often called cleaning vinegar, and dilute this with distilled water. Filtered water may also work, but tap water can sometimes have debris that might scratch or add dirt to your glass. Isopropyl alcohol is the ingredient that will really add that streak-free shine and remove dirty spots, so you can try this too.

  • Don’t mix chemicals together. It’s fine to try cleaning a surface with more than one product, but don’t try to play at home chemist and mix items together in the same bottle or the same area when still wet. Keep in mind some household chemicals that shouldn’t mix for safety reasons. In addition, corrosive combinations can lessen the life of your seals, requiring premature residential window replacement needs.

  • Soap adds streaks. If you have small children or pets, there are some things that will always need soap to clean. If you do use soap, however, you’ll likely spend a significant amount of time rinsing all the soap residue off of the window panes. Stick with vinegar and alcohol above if at all possible to save extra cleanings.

  • Cleaning cloths matter. Newspaper can leave inky residues, and even a paper towel can leave behind lint and streaks. Try a microfiber cloth or a squeegee for the best streak free results. Sometimes you may have to wait a few moments and do a quick follow up wipe down. 

So, when considering residential window replacements – first make sure you get everything shiny and clean to identify the right window for the job. Consult your local experts to learn more.

If you are interested in all the benefits that residential window replacement has to offer your home, contact Dan’s Glass at (925) 827-4173 to learn about the options that are right for your needs. 

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