Should You Choose Vinyl Windows for Your Home?

Should You Choose Vinyl Windows for Your Home?

Vinyl isn’t just for records. Vinyl is a versatile material that can be combined into multiple different types of durable material, and one of those is residential glass for windows. Vinyl windows are made from a material called polyvinyl chloride which you probably know as PVC. You’ve likely seen PVC in plumbing or in someone’s garden as a bendable cold frame for plants. It’s that white flexi pipe material, and this indoor-outdoor ability is what makes it a great window.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows for Residential Glass

  • If vinyl can withstand water and weather, you know it’s a durable material for your windows. 
  • Vinyl windows are low maintenance, you won’t need to repeatedly stain or paint the trim on your house. 
  • When it comes to size, shape, and color — there are a lot more window options in vinyl then you might find in wood or aluminum. This is great if you need a custom fit or look.
  • Vinyl windows can offer energy-efficient glasses, like double panes, triple panes, and LowE certified windows
  • Installers like vinyl windows for the ease of installation.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows for Residential Glass

  • Some people worry about chemicals associated with vinyl window installation, although other types of doors and windows may have harmful chemicals too. Health is definitely an important consideration for your home.
  • Vinyl is available in many different colors, but is difficult to paint. Once a color is chosen, it’s likely there for good.
  • Modern and sleek vinyl windows may not fit with all forms of architecture, so take into account the age and style of your home before choosing your window material.
  • Vinyl comes in thick frames, which some people feel effects the flow of sunlight. Others enjoy the look instead. Make sure you check out a showroom or example home to help you decide.

Vinyl windows are affordable and versatile. This durable material is great for wet or harsh climates and won’t rot or be susceptible to insects. While there are definite benefits, vinyl may not be the best fit for every house, such as an older home where the color or style may not match the architecture. Check out all the facts to help you decide the right window material for you, and contact your local experts.

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