Simple Car Makeover: Replacing the Glass in your Automobile

Simple Car Makeover: Replacing the Glass in your Automobile

Auto glass — it’s a clear choice to keep your car looking sharp and working well. As your car ages, it may become necessary to replace the older glass components in your automobile. The miles you have put on your car may have caused scratches, chips, or simply glass that becomes foggy or otherwise obscures vision. Don’t let cracked glass prevent you from enjoying a car or truck you love for miles to come, instead give your car a simple makeover with new, replacement auto glass. 

Local sales, diverse glass providers

Our local team of talented glass technicians keeps a large stock of auto glass for your fast replacement needs. Dan’s Glass stocks most types of glass in your automobile, and we have industry contacts to help us find the pieces which are no longer kept in stock. We have experience in sourcing hard to find auto glass with an established supply chain which minimizes your wait on both emergency and regular repairs. In addition to standard windshields, we have experience including read-window glass and those triangular vent windows. We’ve worked with different tints, different tastes, and different styles to suit almost any vehicle.

Recognized glass professionals in the Bay area

Your car is important to you, an investment that would be hard to replace. You’ll want to trust this investment to a true professional. That means fast courteous service, but it also means using industry-approved sealants and adhesives to make sure that you get a perfect seal and a dependable finished product. When a misstep could lead to a dangerous traffic accident, you’ll want experience. At Dan’s Auto Glass we have been installing auto glass since 1979.

Just ask our customers. Carolyn of Antioch shares, “I had the unfortunate experience of my car getting broken into. I called Dan’s Glass in Concord to see if they could replace my window same day. It was already after 2 and they close at 5. Although my glass was not in stock they went to the warehouse picked up and did install all before closing.” We can replace your auto glass at our location or yours, and most automobile windshields can be replaced in about an hour. 

Whether looking to solve an emergency problem, or seeking to upgrade a beloved vehicle, Dan’s Auto Glass is here to help with professional, fast, and clean service. Our industry experience can help us guide you to find the right auto glass solution for your needs. To learn more about Dan’s services or to schedule a repair, please contact us today.

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