When Should You Replace Your Home Windows

When Should You Replace Your Home Windows

The windows in your home serve many functions. In addition to providing light and warmth, windows can also help add ventilation and increase the enjoyment of your home with an interesting view. Clearly windows are an important part of your house, but they don’t last forever. Residential window replacement will help improve the functions of your existing windows, maintain property value, and make everything more “liveable”. 

Learn more about residential window replacement now to understand when to choose the right time for a renewal.

High Utility Bills

Poorly sealed or improperly chosen windows types can lead to high energy bills.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners can save between $101–$583 a year by replacing single-pane windows with double-paned options. You can also contribute to that savings by choosing Low-E, or energy-efficient window materials, as well as ensuring proper insulation of your window frames with professional residential window replacement. 

Ready to Sell

Windows can directly affect your curb appeal, although sometimes this is a more subtle effect. Flaking, crooked, or unsightly windows may affect your listing price even if they work just fine. That said, many aspects of a window’s return on investment are linked to long-term savings on energy and even your home interior. Don’t go overboard when prepping for sale. Experts in residential window replacement can help you decide the best return on investment when repairing or replacing windows before you list. 

Replace Windows in Poor Condition

Windows that are damaged are not always repairable. If you cannot replace a damaged window, it’s definitely time for a residential window replacement. You’ll want to look for symptoms that include drafts or leaks, rotting or cracking seals, windows that don’t shut correctly, and also cracked or broken glass. Damaged windows will cost you in the long run, so fixing them sooner is in your best interest.

When it’s time for your residential window replacement, you’ll want to check with your local installer to explore your options. You can increase the eco-friendliness of your home as well as decrease your monthly utility bill with the right choices. Consider different styles such as double-hung windows or basements that allow a great breeze. Consider skylights or privacy glass for some unique options too. Dan’s Glass in Concord, CA  is here to help with your residential window replacement needs. Contact us to learn more about window replacement options for your home.


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