The Two Most Important Factors to Look for in a Commercial Glass Company

The Two Most Important Factors to Look for in a Commercial Glass Company

Unless you’ve previously been involved in a residential or commercial glass project like replacing windows, there’s a good chance you haven’t thought about what to look for in a glass company before. As with other construction or renovation projects, the commercial glass replacement process can feel overwhelming. Even finding the right company for your job can seem difficult. Luckily, we’ve rounded up our best tips for finding the best glass company for your next project. Hopefully, this will make things easier. 

Look for commercial glass specialists, not generalists

Glass companies are not all created equal, any more than your glass projects are. Commercial glass replacement companies are putting in a lot of new storefront windows. In fact, the variety of glasswork done is mostly limited to the customer’s imagination and the skill of the professional team. When choosing a glass company, look for one that has experience in your type of project and can provide examples of previous finished projects. It is also important to consider the glass company’s skill in the operational side of a project. After all, unless it is a very small project, they will not simply be installing a pane or two of glass – they will be running a job site that must adhere to safety requirements and other regulations. Also, some projects may require assistance with insurance claims, especially if you are replacing damaged or smashed glass that is covered in your policy. Working with insurance companies can be complex, and standards must be adhered to. Glass companies with excellent operational capabilities are able to keep up with all requirements, and at the same time often do a higher-quality job. 

Consider customer service

Along the same line as managing the project operations well, a glass company should also prioritize excellent customer service. The site of the glass project is often a person’s home or place of work, and all parties must share the same space. Ideally, a glass team should be able to work in a way that minimizes disruption to day-to-day activities while communicating effectively about progress or challenges (both onsite and off). Communication effectiveness is essential to the project’s overall success, as well.  Another sign of good customer service can be a warranty on their company’s work. This indicates that not only does the company have confidence in what they do, but that they value their relationship with their customers. It says that they are willing to correct any errors in workmanship, as well. Finally, the simplest measure of a glass company that prioritizes customer service is their reputation. Good reputations are hard won, both in the community and industry at large. 

Bonus: Unique, well-executed commercial glass replacement work

Some glass projects are routine, such as window replacement or repair. However, not all projects are simple, and if you’re looking for a top-shelf contractor, consider one that does custom work. Commercial glass will require work more than once in its lifetime, so your relationship with a glass company has the potential to be an ongoing one. If you’ve found a glass company that gives you consistent, quality work that can do these premium projects, you’ve found a keeper.

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