Residential Windows That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Residential Windows That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Residential windows are an important piece to every home. They add curb appeal, character and natural light to homes, and are often the focal point of the property. Windows can modernize a midcentury home, or compliment the natural beauty of a rustic home. Unfortunately, if you have old windows you may also have higher utility bills. Old windows can cause your AC or furnace to work overtime. One thing is for sure: when considering residential window replacement, it’s important to evaluate your options. 

Residential window replacement is an energy-efficient, cost-saving option that can also increase the value of your home. There are several types of windows, each of which offer unique features. A few worth noting:

Bay Windows

Bay windows don’t just offer the illusion of more space; they also provide a beautiful view. The expansion or bump out can also increase the value of your home. Bay windows carry serious curb appeal with their unique look, while letting natural light.

Picture Windows

Although they don’t open or close, picture windows let in a great amount of natural light, making them a popular choice. Because of their simplistic design, these windows are offered in a variety of sizes. Pro tip: picture windows are also quick and easy to clean

Double-Hung Residential Windows

A popular choice for bedrooms, double-hung windows can be opened from both the bottom and the top. For many homeowners, the convenience of easy cleaning makes this an easy choice. Because double-hung windows can be tilted inward, the outside of the window can be cleaned from indoors. 

Other benefits to updating your windows, include:


Well insulated windows help keep the heat in, and out. In the winter, you can feel confident heat won’t escape your home, and in the summer, you can keep the cool air in. Replacing your residential windows can drastically reduce air leaks, and your electric bill. Interestingly, windows are responsible for up to 30% of residential heating and cooling usage! It’s a win-win.

Avoid Outdoor Pollution

Keep outdoor pollution where it belongs, outside. With freshly insulated windows, pollutants will be stopped at the door (or in this case, the windows). Likewise, when air quality is high, assuring you have operable windows allows for fresh air flow!

Natural Light

Don’t underestimate the power of properly placed windows! Natural light reduces the need for artificial lights, while providing health benefits such as: improved sleep, increased focus, less headaches and even a boost in energy & mood! Natural light is also a hot feature for homes, as many buyers seek out homes offering plenty of sunlight. 

With a variety of windows to choose from, Dan’s Glass has an option for every taste. If you are considering replacing your residential windows, it’s important to choose an experienced professional. With a long history of thoughtful craftsmanship, Dan’s Glass has a reputation of providing only the best service. Contact us today to begin your window replacement journey with a free estimate.


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