Selecting the Best Residential Windows for Your Home

Selecting the Best Residential Windows for Your Home

If you’re looking for new windows for your home, you should first identify your goals for each window. Do you want to frame your garden as an extension of your dining room, or install decorative living room windows that impress passersby? Maybe you’re more concerned about reducing heating and cooling costs.

If you prefer to research your options on your own before contacting a residential windows replacement expert, read below for a brief overview of how different windows can serve your goals.

Windows for Scenic Views

If your home is surrounded by lush hills, sweeping fields, or a vibrant garden you’d like to showcase, you’ll want windows with unobstructive frames. Three of the best residential windows to highlight scenic views are:

  • Picture Windows – These are fixed windows that do not open, offering a clear view outside without screens or openings. Because they don’t have hinges or other hardware, you don’t have to worry about frames or crank devices interrupting the view. You can think of picture windows as weather-sealed openings in your wall.
  • Bay Windows – These usually have three pieces: a middle piece of glass and two side pieces. In most models, only the side windows open while the middle piece of glass is fixed like a picture window. This is a great choice if you’re interested in picture windows, but want some air ventilation.
  • Horizontal Sliding – Also called slider windows, these windows open from the middle and slide left or right. These are common residential windows, because they have a straightforward design that combines air ventilation with easy views.

Windows for Decoration

If you’re not interested in framing your outdoor scenery, but rather the window itself, you’ll want windows like the four below:

    • Radius, Arched, Round  – These windows can be decorated with textured glass or grids to improve your home’s appearance, inside and out. Radius windows combine a regular-style rectangular window at the bottom with a half-circle or arch at the top. Arched windows resemble the top half of a circle. Round windows are circles of glass. You aren’t limited to these shapes, and can work with a residential windows expert to design a custom window.
  • Garden Windows – These windows are perfect to showcase and grow an indoor garden, or display trinkets and other decorations. Garden windows have a protruding shelf that is encased by glass, allowing sunlight in from nearly all directions. The shelf is visible from the outside, so your favorite houseplants can be enjoyed by all.

Windows for Energy Efficiency

If your highest priority is reducing heating and cooling costs, consider discussing these windows with a residential window expert:

  • Casement Windows – These windows are hinged at the side and use a hand crank to open outwards like a door. They’re airtight when they’re closed, sealing your home from the elements. They seal tighter in windy climates, which makes them more energy efficient than other windows. 
  • Double Hung – These windows have two sashes and can open from the bottom or the top for efficient ventilation. Some models allow both sashes to be slid up and down, and others allow the sashes to be tilted outward. Typically, the bottom piece can be swung open to allow in breezes or vent out an unruly odor, while the top piece can be slid down to allow in stronger breezes.
  • Single Hung – Similar to double hung windows, single hung windows have two sashes. However, the top one is fixed. Only the bottom sash can slide up and down, or tilt outward. These windows are great for letting in controlled breezes with the airtight security of a sealed sash.

Windows for You

Once you determine your priorities and narrow your choices to a few window types, you’ll need to consider the frame material, glass material, and whether you want tinted glass or grids.

Selecting the best residential windows replacement can get stressful. If you’re looking to have new windows installed, the team at Dan’s Glass is ready to help. Our expert glass installation team can install any style of window. Contact us today.

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