How to Prepare Your Home For Window Replacement

How to Prepare Your Home For Window Replacement

As a homeowner, you’ve likely come across several reasons to replace your windows: a wayward baseball strikes your living room window, your windows start leaking outdoor air, or you realize they’re not energy efficient. Even if you’ve already hired a residential windows replacement contractor, window repair and replacement might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, preparing for window repair is straightforward, and will ease the rest of the process for both your household and the contractor.

Apply temporary DIY fixes to damaged windows

While it’s possible that you’ll find a same-day appointment for replacement of a damaged window, it’s more likely that you’ll need a few DIY fixes until the windows replacement contractor arrives. If you leave the window as it is with substantial damage, you’ll risk interior damage from the elements.

  • If your window pane is cracked, you can apply duct tape or packing tape to seal the crack and discourage it from growing larger. Though the window will be replaced, neglected cracks can be dangerous if they cause the window to suddenly give out.
  • If your window has a hole or other opening, the gap can be covered with heavy duty plastic bags that are taped to the surrounding wall or frame. 
  • If most of your window is gone and it’s exterior facing, you might board it up until the day of the repairs to keep out the weather.

If you need to remove glass shards from the window frame for a DIY repair, wear protective gloves and clothing. It’s also a good idea to take photos of the damaged glass before any repairs in case you need to submit an insurance claim for the damage.

Clear the window replacement workspace

The window replacement contractor will have their own setup when they arrive, but you can speed their process by making the window accessible. You can prep the workspace with the following steps: 

  • Remove furniture and, if safe to do so, window decorations including curtains, shades, and blinds. If you can’t remove something without risking further damage, such as a window decal on a cracked window, leave it for the windows replacement contractors.
  • Lay down a tarp or drop cloth to protect the floor and catch fallen glass.
  • Cover or remove anything of value that might get knocked around, including pictures and paintings. 
  • If the window is exterior facing, clear the outdoor space of deck furniture and potted plants.

Contact your windows replacement contractor for further steps

Ask your residential windows replacement contractor if they have specific prep needs. They  might ask that you keep pets in a separate room, clear a wide path from the door to the window, or remove all wall decorations on the same wall as the window. If you haven’t yet scheduled an appointment or decided on a contractor, look for a residential glass repair and installation company with positive reviews of timeliness and quality workmanship. 

You can trust the experts at Dan’s Glass to quickly and safely replace all of your residential glass. We’ve been providing quality and professional services for residential glass since 1979, and have worked with a range of budgets. Contact us today to learn about our residential windows replacement services.


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