Top Signs Your Commercial Glass Needs to Be Replaced

Top Signs Your Commercial Glass Needs to Be Replaced

Keep your business running smoothly by replacing glass and windows before they cause major problems. The warning signs for replacement might seem like mild inconveniences, but any inconvenience can build up into an obstacle for your business, and potentially your customers, to overcome. 

As soon as an issue becomes recurring, you should contact a commercial glass replacement company to diagnose and fix your window problems.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

If your windows need extra finessing to operate, you probably need a replacement. While some windows can have their hardware replaced, like casement (or crank-out) windows, often the problem lies with aged and rusted hinges that are harder to repair than replace. Other times, difficult operation is caused by incorrect installation that causes balance issues. 

If you run a restaurant, or another business that has customers staying indoors for some time, you shouldn’t worry about wrestling the window open. Too much cranking on window hardware might lead to an eventual jam.

Unsure if your window should be replaced or simply repaired? A commercial glass replacement contractor can identify the problem and determine if you need a fix or replacement. You might learn that your window can be repaired, but the hardware for its particular brand and/or model is no longer manufactured, so replacement is your only option.

Condensation & Moisture build up

Double-pane windows have an air-tight seal between the panes. Sealed inside is argon or krypton gas, which improves insulation. When the seal is breached, moisture from outside works its way in and forms condensation. Typically, seals are broken when the window sill is weak and allows outside air through drafts. 

It might not seem like an issue, but the condensation can leave moisture marks that you won’t be able to clean. If customers notice the condensation, it can leave them thinking your business isn’t maintained. Once you know the seal on your double-paned window is breached, you should work with a reputable commercial glass replacement contractor before it progresses into a leaking window.

Leaking Windows

Signs of a leaking window include higher energy bills, a climate control system working overtime, and drafts when the windows are closed. Windows account for a portion of your business’s heating and cooling, so they should be in good condition to reduce energy loss. If your window leaks, its weather seal is probably faded. An air-tight seal will keep weather out and climate control in.

Another sign of a window with a weak window seal is a lot of outside noise. If you can hear a lot more of the busy street outside, music blaring from passing cars, or sidewalk chatter, you should get your window seal checked out. A weather stripping system installed during replacement can significantly cut down the outside noise. Laminated windows can also dramatically reduce noise with their thick layers of glass. This is especially important if your business relies on a calm, quiet atmosphere for your customers.

Quality Commercial Glass Replacement in the Bay Area

You can trust the experts at Dan’s Glass to quickly and safely replace all of your commercial glass. We’ve been providing quality and professional services for residential and commercial glass since 1979, and have worked with a broad range of budgets. Contact us today to learn how our commercial glass replacement services can benefit you and your business.


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