How to Clean Your New Windshield

How to Clean Your New Windshield

Your windshield is your car’s most important window. A windshield with spots, streaks, or residue that prevents rainwater from wicking down can obstruct your vision and increase your chances of an accident. Even if you’ve just had an auto glass replacement, you need to regularly clean it. Don’t wait until it starts to accumulate a lot of dirt.

Stick to professional wiper fluids, not DIY mixes

Though the internet is full of DIY wiper fluids that people claim to be safe, some of them contain harmful ingredients that can wear down your new windshield or other car components. These mixes might be safe for your residential windows, but not your auto glass. Ammonia should never be used on your auto windows because it causes streaks and fog, which then causes glare, damages window tint, and wears down the rubber trim surrounding your windshield.

Professional wiper fluids are also formulated to aid removal of insects, de-ice your windshield in the winter, or repel rainwater. DIY wiper fluids lack specialization, and that’s not worth the lower cost. Spending a little extra on quality cleaners will keep your windshield clean and shiny.

You should wash your windshields at least once every two weeks, which is how often you should wash your car, but it doesn’t hurt to clean your windshield more frequently—especially if you’ve driven through quite a few bugs or gone down a dirty road.

Use the proper tools

A common mistake car owners make when washing their car is using common sponges on their windows. Long-term use can scratch your windshield and send you back to your auto glass replacement company for a replacement. Instead, use soft sponges or washmits designed for car washing. 

If you’re only cleaning your windshield, spray a microfiber cloth with an ammonia-free cleaner, and wipe up and down. After your first pass, wipe down the windshield with a dry side of the microfiber cloth. The first pass cleans the windshield, and the second pass buffs it for a smooth finish. On your third pass, spray the microfiber cloth against and rub along the edges of the windshield, getting into the spaces between the glass and the car frame.

Don’t forget to clean your windshield wipers

The underside of windshield wipers tend to be neglected, so lift them while you clean. You should also clean the wipers themselves by rubbing them down with a microfiber cloth sprayed with cleaner. Windshield wipers should be cleaned at least once every two weeks, but it also helps to clean them every time you refuel your gas or plug in your car to charge.

If your windshield is old, damaged, or doesn’t clean up like it used to, you can trust the experts at Dan’s Glass to quickly and safely replace it. We’ve been providing quality and professional services for residential, commercial, and auto glass since 1979, and have worked with a broad range of budgets. Contact us today to learn how our auto glass repair and replacement services can benefit you.


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