How a Sunroom Can Boost Your Family’s Well Being

How a Sunroom Can Boost Your Family’s Well Being

If your family has been sheltering-in-place for some time and hasn’t gotten enough of the outdoors, a sunroom can provide a consistent dose of nature without leaving home. Sunrooms are versatile, and can be transformed into playrooms, reading rooms, study rooms, and home offices as needed—all without battling the elements. A residential glass expert can help you choose the best glass for a sunroom that brings the outdoors indoors.

Outdoor scenery helps with stress

With working from home becoming a more common aspect of life, it can become tiring to sit in the same room everyday. A sunroom can be a secondary office location, or a breakroom to take a breather from staring at your screen for hours. The sunroom won’t become just another room in your home, because the outdoors is always changing. Gardens bloom and retreat, birds and insects travel, and the weather changes. If your sunroom has windows embedded into the ceiling, you can watch the sky change.

And if you don’t have enough floorspace to add a sunroom, you can convert an existing room into one by replacing your old windows with larger ones, and installing additional windows. It might sound daunting, but a residential windows expert can help you design a plan.

Having more exposure to the outdoors, especially in stressful times, will help you and your family relax. Think of the energy boost you get when you throw open the windows and let in all that natural light. Then imagine the magnified boost you’ll get with a sunroom. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Natural light stimulates emotional and physical well-being

Studies show that natural light can reduce head pain and eyestrain, and increase serotonin production. Serotonin is a chemical in your brain that regulates your emotions, and the higher your serotonin levels, the less you’ll feel stressed, anxious, and sad. It’s difficult to boost serotonin on demand, but sunlight is a natural remedy that’s readily available. When your family is feeling down, they can soak up the light in the sunroom and alleviate the negative emotions weighing down on them.

On the flip side, when the sun sets and your serotonin booster is gone, your family can appreciate the night sky and prepare themselves for sleep. The body’s internal clock uses natural light to determine when it’s time to sleep, which is why you’re not supposed to use screens an hour before bedtime. By winding the day down with a relaxing moment in a dark sunroom, you tell your body’s internal clock it’s time for bed.

In the day, you’ll get an energy boost from the sunlight. In the night, your energy will become mellow for bed. It’s an all-around benefit.

Contact a glass installation expert to bring the outdoors indoors

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